Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Bench

The Bench.. where to start. I found this beautiful 1950's bench at a yard sale and it was screaming my name. Brought her home and stared at her for hours..just kidding. I was worried about all the spindles, just looking at them was hurting my back. So I went the easy way of deglosser and prime.
Then I painted it with my favorite paint, Behr, I love this paint it is smooth and flawless most of the time. Sorry this pic really doesn't do this "Bench" justice, promise to try to take better ones when I win the lotto and buy that Rebel camera I have my eye on.
Now if I can just find the right cushions this grand lady will be for sale. She's a odd size so the hunt has been ongoing. I love to sand wood, love to paint wood, love to cut wood, sewing...not so much.
TATA for now.