Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Grand lady

I am working today on a chest that I picked up from the storage of a friends. This lady is beautiful! Light grays and teal are drying as I type. I have decided to try something a little different as the finish coat so we shall see. Will update later with pics. But for now here's a sneak peek.
First coat on and drying. Too hot to work now until tonight. Hope your all up to your elbows in projects out there in blogger land..Have fun and talk again soon.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Happiness found

If you remember from a previous blog I was telling you about a lady I met that wanted me to come to her storage unit to see some furniture, well I went. AHHHHH!!! I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I peeked in there. There were beds and tables and hutches and more antique furniture than you can shake a stick at. She, Patti, actually giggled at my excitement..Well of course I couldn't buy it all like I wanted to but I did pick up some very nice pieces. Now I'm going to show you some pics and please don't be put off by the state of my garage.

Again I know it's a mess in there right now but what's a girl to do. I am so excited to get to work on these. The top one is actually a old Zenith record player and radio! Can't you just see people dancing around the living room to it..ahh simple days.
It's early morning here in Texas and I need to get out there before it reaches 100 degrees. I have to finish this

This is the Red Hot Hussy! There I said it, I've been calling her that in my mind, finally said it out loud. Well kinda, I wrote it. And I have to finish this
I haven't quite decided on the paint scheme for this little gem yet.
TA TA for now!
Update: Bench finished and delivered will add pics after she get's her all settled in. And here's a pic of how the little dresser turned out.
Isn't he cute.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I have a web site!!

Woohoo! I have a website! I have created a very simple, for now, website. I'm very excited to hopefully expand my business a bit. I have a permalink to the right, so please check it out. is the addy to click from here. I will for now continue my blog on BlogSpot.

Now let's talk furniture restoration, after all that's why your here.

I am currently redoing a piece for a friend that has had me in fits.. It is a bench for her porch and the best way I can describe it is Chinese When I took the piece on it was to just do a touch up, it was a dark walnut stained piece. I should have taken a before pic but well, I didn't. Actually here's one, not a great one, I will get better at this picture thing I promise.

As I started trying to just feather where it would need touched up I found a primer coating that would not take the stain. UGH!! Double Ugh.. So we decided to do a total redo and decided on red. Have you ever bought red paint? I was really worried about it as in the store it just looked like it had a purple hue, twice. But I soldiered on. It is really turning out well if I do say so myself. Here's a sneak peek, keep in mind that this is with one coat and it will definitely need two.

As you can see I didn't get the complete first coat on because well to be honest it was about 100 degree's here in Texas that day and I was hot! So off to finish it this morning and hopefully get the second coat on tonight. Will update this post with pics when it's complete.
Naomi Grace

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hubby's Dresser

When we moved into our new house my husband decides that he doesn't need a dresser, after all we have a large walk in closet with a shelf that runs all the way around the bottom...bad idea. Very bad idea! Fast forward 6 months to last week, hubby walks in and says "honey there's a dresser down the road at a yard sale that I want". Off I go to check it out.

Does he have faith in me or what? This paint might as well have been baked on. I used a paint stripper to get as much as possible off.
What a little beauty huh? Love it! This is a beat up little girl, with chunks of veneer missing and little gouges everywhere. I decided to go with a two tone with Websters chalk paint powder and Behr paints. So here she is in all her glory.
I will say that I really wanted to see the details stand out more but it just looked dirty, so I did paint a lighter coat of paint on the two middle drawers after I moved her in the house :\ 
Hubby likes his new dresser and I like my clean closet...
Gotta run and get the potato salad made that I was supposed to make yesterday..Birthday BBQ today. Brisket that I'm not sure is done?? and pulled pork, Yummy!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Little girl lost..or TV console.

The Estate sale to end all estate sales...I stopped at the yard sale that I bought "The Bench" from, she has had a sale there every weekend for the past 4 weeks and we are now kindred souls. Very nice lady that explained the "other" sisters want to trash everything and she just doesn't have the heart. She also has a storage full of wood furniture that she wants to have refinished and sell some pieces..hmmm, can we say barter. So she invites me in to see a pitiful little dresser, I mean falling apart, missing casters pitiful. Had to have it. This pic is after gluing and bracing it all back together.

I was pretty sure I wasn't going to keep it a dresser, so it became a beautiful TV console. I love it, I used a Valspar sample paint and Websters Chalk powder. Which I will be talking more about as it is a great little find. You can find it here. .
And here's where I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it...I came up with this.

Cute little girl! Love her..
TATA for now.

The Bench

The Bench.. where to start. I found this beautiful 1950's bench at a yard sale and it was screaming my name. Brought her home and stared at her for hours..just kidding. I was worried about all the spindles, just looking at them was hurting my back. So I went the easy way of deglosser and prime.
Then I painted it with my favorite paint, Behr, I love this paint it is smooth and flawless most of the time. Sorry this pic really doesn't do this "Bench" justice, promise to try to take better ones when I win the lotto and buy that Rebel camera I have my eye on.
Now if I can just find the right cushions this grand lady will be for sale. She's a odd size so the hunt has been ongoing. I love to sand wood, love to paint wood, love to cut wood, sewing...not so much.
TATA for now.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Computer

Well in my quest of all things new I bought a new computer today. Windows 8, can we all say UGH together. I'm so used to xp that this is a totally new experience, so bear with me. I have gotten the Bench finished except for the cushions and have many photos, now if I can just get them to this computer...

It really is gorgeous if I do say so myself. It's a odd size so finding cushions without having to make them has become a challenge. I have several other projects going as most of us do.

My Garage has turned into a chaos factory, really need to read some organization blogs. Just wanted to post something new..and I know you are thrilled to read this..LOL.