Saturday, July 27, 2013

Happiness found

If you remember from a previous blog I was telling you about a lady I met that wanted me to come to her storage unit to see some furniture, well I went. AHHHHH!!! I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I peeked in there. There were beds and tables and hutches and more antique furniture than you can shake a stick at. She, Patti, actually giggled at my excitement..Well of course I couldn't buy it all like I wanted to but I did pick up some very nice pieces. Now I'm going to show you some pics and please don't be put off by the state of my garage.

Again I know it's a mess in there right now but what's a girl to do. I am so excited to get to work on these. The top one is actually a old Zenith record player and radio! Can't you just see people dancing around the living room to it..ahh simple days.
It's early morning here in Texas and I need to get out there before it reaches 100 degrees. I have to finish this

This is the Red Hot Hussy! There I said it, I've been calling her that in my mind, finally said it out loud. Well kinda, I wrote it. And I have to finish this
I haven't quite decided on the paint scheme for this little gem yet.
TA TA for now!
Update: Bench finished and delivered will add pics after she get's her all settled in. And here's a pic of how the little dresser turned out.
Isn't he cute.