Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I have a web site!!

Woohoo! I have a website! I have created a very simple, for now, website. I'm very excited to hopefully expand my business a bit. I have a permalink to the right, so please check it out. is the addy to click from here. I will for now continue my blog on BlogSpot.

Now let's talk furniture restoration, after all that's why your here.

I am currently redoing a piece for a friend that has had me in fits.. It is a bench for her porch and the best way I can describe it is Chinese When I took the piece on it was to just do a touch up, it was a dark walnut stained piece. I should have taken a before pic but well, I didn't. Actually here's one, not a great one, I will get better at this picture thing I promise.

As I started trying to just feather where it would need touched up I found a primer coating that would not take the stain. UGH!! Double Ugh.. So we decided to do a total redo and decided on red. Have you ever bought red paint? I was really worried about it as in the store it just looked like it had a purple hue, twice. But I soldiered on. It is really turning out well if I do say so myself. Here's a sneak peek, keep in mind that this is with one coat and it will definitely need two.

As you can see I didn't get the complete first coat on because well to be honest it was about 100 degree's here in Texas that day and I was hot! So off to finish it this morning and hopefully get the second coat on tonight. Will update this post with pics when it's complete.
Naomi Grace