Friday, August 23, 2013

Little Boy Blu

Hope everyone had a great week! It's been crazy busy around here trying to get the girls ready for the start of school on Monday.  Meet the teachers for both girls was last night and it has a bit hectic at my youngest daughter's school. We thought that would be the easy one, old school just new halls. NOPE. Lots of changes this year, but she's a trooper and we soldiered on.

Now for the reason we are really here. This piece is another estate sale piece and will be living here with me. I was lucky enough to find this Buffet, Table and chairs all from the same line. I tried to do a little research about the company, Myers-splait, out of Houston. Seems the first location was in Dallas, and the Houston Division opened around the 1910. So I'm guessing here, but I think this is from the 30's or 40's.

I really like this piece and debated for a week on the color, the wood was in good shape with the exception of the top. I sanded it all down and actually went ahead with some had that yucky bubbled up Shellac on the legs. Then I stared at it some more..
I was leaning towards gray, and still am for the Table. But I had this sample of Blue, more like a country blue, which I didn't want. I also really wanted to try my Fiddes and Son wax that I ordered from Amazon. I love Amazon btw. Anyone reading this, I have a question. If you use this wax, is it supposed to be so runny? Mine is more like a gel...anywhoo. I went forward with the blue. Then I used a clear wax and then the final step was the Cherry wax! I also stained the legs, drawers and doors. So here he is.

And here's a close up of the finish.
I'm really happy with how he turned out. What do ya'll think?
Now to get to work on the table..
Naomi Grace

Monday, August 19, 2013

Busy and Productive week!

WOW! What a week this past week was! Say that 4 times real fast. Of course along with everyone else in the rest of the country we are getting ready for school to start. As a furniture painter I have been "shopping". Also did two mini room redos. My beautiful little girls have really helped me out this summer, doing chores without complaining, helping with the animals, helping at the horse rescue..ect.. So when my oldest daughter decided she wanted the "Teal Princess" as her own and has been shopping online forever, OK, for the last month, for the "perfect quilt", we finally hit the road and found one at Dillards. Here is how her room turned out.

She has "decorated" this room totally by herself, she is 12. Good eye right.
Now, after doing this my other daughter needed something too. I took Isabel's older dresser and repainted it to go in Priscilla's room. Get ready, shield your eyes...

Yes, I actually painted this a light, almost neon green and orange. You would have to know my youngest to know how perfect this is for her. One day I'll actually clean up the rooms before posting pics. These were taken with my phone, right after they had climbed out of bed.
Now THIS is what I'm working on this week and I am VERY excited about.
Many more pictures of this one to come!
Thanks for stopping by and please come back soon..
Naomi Grace

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A different view

This post is going to be a little different. I want to share a little about the other side of my heart. Every since I was a little girl there have been animals around. Cats, dogs, hamsters you name it...I love them all. The one animal I always wanted and dreamed of was horses. This dream bites a lot of little girls. My older sister also was able to find a way, while living in suburbia to have a horse to ride. It wasn't hers, but none the less, she cared for and rode it. I was 10 years younger so I wasn't really able to tag along with her.

 Then my brother and I moved to Tennessee to live with my father when I was 9. My step mom's mother, are you following, lived on a farm where I quickly became very attached to this little round lady. Maude was her name and she was a very hard working woman in her early 60's back then. Grandmomma would head out to the garden right after breakfast,  back in to cook lunch, yes I said cook lunch, then dishes, taking care all the while of her older brother. Well on this farm I would ride horses, they were not real horses alas..they were horses made from natural gas tanks or anything else I could put the old saddle I found in the barn on. So way back then I loved horses, my sisters fault really. Seven years ago, at the age of 42 I was finally in a position to get my first horse. This is Lady, my first ever real live horse.
When I went to see her she was in a little chicken coop area, scared and lame. So of course she came home with me. She had a condition called pythosis (I think that's how you spell that) it means she didn't sweat, which was made worse by the fact that we lived in south Florida at the time. She also had Cushing's, you can learn more about the disease here.( I was able to keep her comfortable and healthy using a good dietary plan, and in return she taught me about love, and how to ride, and everything else I know about horses, which is never enough by the way. Here's my favorite picture of her with my daughters having a spa day.
Sadly Lady passed over the rainbow bridge in June of 2011, but I like to think she left knowing she was loved. Since moving back home to Texas last year I have been blessed to find a wonderful new friend that runs a horse rescue where I volunteer and board my horse Roho. For more info about the rescue, click here.
 Here's a shot of him.
Roho is a Tennessee Walking horse and one of my best buds. So there you have it, when I'm not in my garage painting furniture, I'm at the barn hanging out with my four legged friends. Just wanted to share my love of these amazing creatures and to let you know that your never to old to have a dream come true :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Little Teal Princess

Well I've been seriously slacking in the blog department side of things. Very busy with everyday life, kids getting ready to go back to school, finishing up the princess dresser, helping at the horse get the drift.

I have been following along on the blogs and I will say here and now I'm going to Haven one day! That would be such a fun trip. I've also followed Liz marie's blog across a few states garage sale heaven. Would love that! Can I just say that there are also ALOT of giveaways on various blogs so sign up..You never know.

Now back to The Princess, here she is before
And after using a homemade chalky type paint, I mixed Websters chalk paint powder with Behr paint samples.

Couldn't decide to cover this in paint or not.
I used a two tone plan, wanted it to contrast a bit and I layered the top and sides. What do ya think so far? I was really liking it at this point. Then I went wild and painted the original hardware plus a couple of extras I had on hand.

I also polyed the top as I have a feeling this will end up in a little girls room (maybe mine, she's been eyeing it all day) But it is now for sale. Hoping to sell something before my husband bands me from buying any more "junk" LOL..
Now for the finale!

Cross your fingers that someone else loves this as much as me!