Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hubby's Dresser

When we moved into our new house my husband decides that he doesn't need a dresser, after all we have a large walk in closet with a shelf that runs all the way around the bottom...bad idea. Very bad idea! Fast forward 6 months to last week, hubby walks in and says "honey there's a dresser down the road at a yard sale that I want". Off I go to check it out.

Does he have faith in me or what? This paint might as well have been baked on. I used a paint stripper to get as much as possible off.
What a little beauty huh? Love it! This is a beat up little girl, with chunks of veneer missing and little gouges everywhere. I decided to go with a two tone with Websters chalk paint powder and Behr paints. So here she is in all her glory.
I will say that I really wanted to see the details stand out more but it just looked dirty, so I did paint a lighter coat of paint on the two middle drawers after I moved her in the house :\ 
Hubby likes his new dresser and I like my clean closet...
Gotta run and get the potato salad made that I was supposed to make yesterday..Birthday BBQ today. Brisket that I'm not sure is done?? and pulled pork, Yummy!