Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Worn out Wardrobe

The grand opening of our shop, Coastal Alchemy is fast approaching. The count down has begun.. Six days and counting. We have been so busy trying to get everything ready in the store, well I digress, Kenny, my partner in crime, has really been handling the shop side while I've been focusing on inventory. I have a million things that I'm forgetting I'm sure, but if nothing else It will be a fun event. Several other unique shops will be opening with us so we are in for a fun night on Nov 2, Antiques, Art, Jazz music and wine..Whoop, whoop, my kind of event!

I have two pieces to finish up this week. One is a adorable enamel topped table with metal legs that needs very little done to it, along with two little chairs I picked to match it that need everything done to them. I sadly have no pictures of this little set yet..I know, what am I thinking. And the second piece is a behemoth wardrobe that is worn out from being in the elements somewhat. I don't think it was actually outside, but it was on a porch, or in a barn... you know the type.

Inside where all the dirt dobbers were.

Dirt Dobber nests everywhere, I know there is another name for those bees but for the life of me I can't remember the south, we call them dirt dobbers.

This is a pile of nests that came out of the wardrobe, but there was a prize in this pile.
I found the original skeleton key hiding in here.

Time to clean the inside today, I got the whole thing sanded down, fixed some minor veneer bubbles and she's ready to be painted.

I'm going to do a antique white with a dark stain on this baby and hopefully she'll be ready for the showroom floor by Saturday. You my blog loving friends will see her in all her glory before then..
Stay tuned.
Naomi Grace
UPDATE: Done! Will post a couple of pics while still here in the house shop and more once I have it in the store and staged.
Well this picture didn't turn out well! I'll try again when I get her in the store.