Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shutter Island

Found some shutters at a yard sale that I knew I wanted to do something with. Cut the top half off and attached a couple of drawers that I had left over from another project.

From here I was a little stumped, didn't really want to build a top so I went to some thrift stores where I found a TV console that was solid wood, brought it home and promptly cut off the top. Hubby thinks I'm nuts. I also took the molding off the top and attached just the flat part.

I used some pallet wood to attach as molding for a more rustic look. what? I went on Hometalk and asked for opinions and got plenty of great ideas.
Modge Podged some funky papers inside drawers and gave her some color with some turquoise paint. Sanded the drawers and moved her to the shop to finish her up.

I tried out some pulls to see which ones I liked. I'm also going to add a bottle opener and a paper towel rack along with casters. I'll add the finished photos tonight.
What do ya think? Would you like this in your kitchen?
Naomi Grace