Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Trip to Eloisas Palace

Last weekend the girls were out of school and we decided to sneak off to my mother in laws house for a visit. My husband actually took off work at the last minute and jumped in the jeep with us, so it was extra special.. He rarely goes along. 

Here we are getting ready to go to the fair Saturday night. See her treasures behind hubby? She loads me up for the trip home, just hang in here and I'll show you.

 The kids had fun..

So did my momma in law..Eloisa

 The girls with grandma

 She cracks me up..

We even took the big kid.. Kenny G
Now for the treasures we found at the palace, which is what we call moms house, not sure why, other than she treats you like royalty when you visit.
lots of table scarves and dollies.

I actually found this camera bag in a thrift store, isn't it grand?

She gave me this lamp..

and a few old, hand sewn quilts. She actually gave me this table too on a previous trip, isn't she the bomb? Love her, she makes homemade tortillas too...
The Chair is part of my dining room set that I'm going to restore, but that's another post altogether.
Just wanted to share a great trip and some of my treasures..
Naomi Grace