Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blog for blogging sake!

This post is going to be a little experiment, as I don't really have a plan for this one. No content "idea". Lets just wing it today. Talk from the head, or heart..

You see this kid here? She will be 13 in a couple months. I am very proud of my daughter. She plays the violin, is quite the artist, and is very active in school. I am also a bit apprehensive as the teenage years approach, but am full of hope that the lessons she has learned from us as she got to this point in her life will serve her well, and she will be wise...ok, here I really want to put a LOL. But I won't.

I mean really, we're talkin about this kid now. Such a character. I love her to pieces. Tween attitude and all. Miss is also a big sister to Little Miss. She's one year and one week behind Miss.
We won't tell Miss I used this picture, she had a boo boo on her eye :( . Such a little caregiver to her Little Sis. Although at this age Little Miss doesn't always see it as that, it's more like " MOM, she's bossing me again."
So that's the sisters. They are my loves and my babies. I will be 50 this summer and as a older parent I seem to be more patient, able to enjoy their silliness. So as we venture off towards teenage antics I just want to say, I hope I survive.
Later, Naomi