Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014 Ready, Set, GO!

Lots of changes for Pieces of Grace taking place and I'm excited. This endevor is definately in it's infancy and I knew things would change, its inevitable as you see what's working and whats not. As I work to find a good venue for my restyles I hope you'll follow along with me on the blog, G+, pinterest, and yes, Facebook. Bare with me on my learning curve with social media. I'm a painter, a junker, and a Mom to children and animals of all sorts. Here are a few things that I've actually got accomplished since my last blog. 

First there was Christmas!

Happy, Happy..
Then off to Rockport to the In-Laws, I know some who would not be in favor of going to the In-Laws on Christmas day, but I got lucky, I Love my Momma-in law.

She's a keeper. 
After 3 days of merriment we headed back home to give our Niece a send off as she starts her new adventure in Nashville! Good luck, Chelskee!

I have also been running around and picking, for us junkers you know what I mean. For others, it means collecting junk , err treasures.

                                I did finally get the singer sewing machine finished and delivered!


And lastly, Frankies little chest of drawers. There will be a little blog about this one later.

So long for now and make sure you follow on Google +, and Facebook.

Naomi Grace