Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Beverage Station

Hi All! It's been awhile since I've "blogged" about a project, but had to share this one. I had this door in my shop, staring at me...Make me something, make me something.. So, with my ever approaching sister trip, which means they come to my house because I live by the beach, due to commence on June 6th, I needed a cocktail spot. This old door and headboard fit the bill nicely.
I attached the headboard as the legs and then added a couple of shelves.
Painted her all out in a chalky type paint..then a little chalk board for fun messages.
Moved her to the patio, and Viola! A fun little "beverage station" to mix up after the beach cocktails. I just love how she turned out. Don't you?
Check back often for more fun projects! Naomi Grace