Friday, December 6, 2013

Deserted Hutch Found!

This beauty was sad, lonely, and abandoned. I see this a lot. People pass away and no wants their treasures. No children that grew up with that bowl that mom always put the beans in? No sister or brother that came on holidays and fought dad to sit in his chair? Abandoned in a heap in the garage, piled on top of one another and forgotten... I wish I had a picture to insert here as I've seen this many times. But lets move on. I want to show you some treasures I found when a friend that cleans these abandoned houses told her boss, a investor, flipper, that she knew someone that wanted this junk(!?!?).

Doing a little research on these! Beautiful Glassware from the 30's. Can't you just see them full of hard Christmas candies?
And now for the hutch. As I was standing in the doorway of this dark, detached garage, with flashlight in hand, I could see that there were several large pieces of furniture. I took a leap of faith and offered 80 dollars for the furniture I could dig out. He said, "tell you what, give me 100 and you can have whatever you can find", I smiled and handed him a Benjamin.
Footprints of the past..

This girl is big!

Tear drop pulls, love em


She just need some TLC.
And she got some.
On the showroom floor now, waiting for someone to love her.

She's beautiful now!
Treasures found! Have a great day hunting for your new treasures this holiday season!
Naomi Grace