Monday, August 19, 2013

Busy and Productive week!

WOW! What a week this past week was! Say that 4 times real fast. Of course along with everyone else in the rest of the country we are getting ready for school to start. As a furniture painter I have been "shopping". Also did two mini room redos. My beautiful little girls have really helped me out this summer, doing chores without complaining, helping with the animals, helping at the horse rescue..ect.. So when my oldest daughter decided she wanted the "Teal Princess" as her own and has been shopping online forever, OK, for the last month, for the "perfect quilt", we finally hit the road and found one at Dillards. Here is how her room turned out.

She has "decorated" this room totally by herself, she is 12. Good eye right.
Now, after doing this my other daughter needed something too. I took Isabel's older dresser and repainted it to go in Priscilla's room. Get ready, shield your eyes...

Yes, I actually painted this a light, almost neon green and orange. You would have to know my youngest to know how perfect this is for her. One day I'll actually clean up the rooms before posting pics. These were taken with my phone, right after they had climbed out of bed.
Now THIS is what I'm working on this week and I am VERY excited about.
Many more pictures of this one to come!
Thanks for stopping by and please come back soon..
Naomi Grace