Sunday, August 11, 2013

A different view

This post is going to be a little different. I want to share a little about the other side of my heart. Every since I was a little girl there have been animals around. Cats, dogs, hamsters you name it...I love them all. The one animal I always wanted and dreamed of was horses. This dream bites a lot of little girls. My older sister also was able to find a way, while living in suburbia to have a horse to ride. It wasn't hers, but none the less, she cared for and rode it. I was 10 years younger so I wasn't really able to tag along with her.

 Then my brother and I moved to Tennessee to live with my father when I was 9. My step mom's mother, are you following, lived on a farm where I quickly became very attached to this little round lady. Maude was her name and she was a very hard working woman in her early 60's back then. Grandmomma would head out to the garden right after breakfast,  back in to cook lunch, yes I said cook lunch, then dishes, taking care all the while of her older brother. Well on this farm I would ride horses, they were not real horses alas..they were horses made from natural gas tanks or anything else I could put the old saddle I found in the barn on. So way back then I loved horses, my sisters fault really. Seven years ago, at the age of 42 I was finally in a position to get my first horse. This is Lady, my first ever real live horse.
When I went to see her she was in a little chicken coop area, scared and lame. So of course she came home with me. She had a condition called pythosis (I think that's how you spell that) it means she didn't sweat, which was made worse by the fact that we lived in south Florida at the time. She also had Cushing's, you can learn more about the disease here.( I was able to keep her comfortable and healthy using a good dietary plan, and in return she taught me about love, and how to ride, and everything else I know about horses, which is never enough by the way. Here's my favorite picture of her with my daughters having a spa day.
Sadly Lady passed over the rainbow bridge in June of 2011, but I like to think she left knowing she was loved. Since moving back home to Texas last year I have been blessed to find a wonderful new friend that runs a horse rescue where I volunteer and board my horse Roho. For more info about the rescue, click here.
 Here's a shot of him.
Roho is a Tennessee Walking horse and one of my best buds. So there you have it, when I'm not in my garage painting furniture, I'm at the barn hanging out with my four legged friends. Just wanted to share my love of these amazing creatures and to let you know that your never to old to have a dream come true :)