Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Ramblings

Hey all! What a week! Since my dear friend at the horse rescue has thrown out her hip, Ouch, I've  been helping take care of the horses. Of course this is a labor of love for me, while being labor intensive it still doesn't feel like work when you get paid with soft muzzles and neighs.  The rescue is full to the brim right now and we are diligently searching for homes for a few of the rehabbed horses.

I also been working on a little dresser for my granddaughter. My son and his wife just bought their first house, woohoo, can we say projects? Of course they are purists and don't want to touch any of the wood :(  but there are other things to paint. Walls, doors, the vent hood is screaming for a makeover...but on to the dresser. My son found it at a yard sale, it was a yellow, French provincial type without a mirror.
It is now a little Coral and Teal dresser that I'm not sure like?
Can you see how the top left drawer is a little off? I still need to work on that. I've tried it in all the slots, for want of a better word, and it's the same in all. I do like these little owl pulls that I got from Hobby Lobby.
and there's always this little smile to look forward to.
Krissy, my granddaughter and Cilla , my daughter, in the background. While I'm adding family photos might as well throw these in.
Top photo is my oldest son Brian, and my daughter Isabel getting ready to eat some birthday party grub. The bottom is me and my little grandson, Levi. Love that kid.
So to end, Happy Labor day to all !
Naomi Grace