Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hmmm..Where to start? I guess a little introduction is in order. I am Grace, really Naomi Grace, but I seem to always use Grace when I am doing anything that involves creativity. Hence Pieces of Grace. This is where I will show pictures and describe how I have made these pieces of unique furniture, that I sometimes find in thrift stores, friends barns, alley's...you get the idea. I will warn anyone that is reading this...I am bad with grammar, you have been warned.

A little about me, I am a forty eight year old mother and grandmother. I love animals and have several laying around my yard patiently waiting for me to serve breadfast. I also own horses that I board at a friends house, due to my move to suburbia. Ok..enough about me onto my first Pieces of Grace.

THE Kitchen Island/ Breakfast Table/???

It started out it's life as a baby changing table, when I found it, it was sitting in a thrift store with a riduculously low price. It looked like this.

Flipped upside down and cut the legs off. The top of the changing table made prettier legs. I then went about making a Tabletop. Cut 4 1x6's to 37L added braces to the back and made it fit snuggly to the frame.
Sanded....and sanded...and sanded...just kidding just deglossed the bottom and sanded the top well.
Primed it all with Kilz clean start and it looked like this.

and then this..Valspar Hacienda Tile is the color I went with.

I then added 2 shelves after long conversations with myself and numerous mistakes, I mean changes.
I really likes the white standing out because of the room it is going in so I just sanded the edges a little and gave the top and shelves a go with dark wax. And here she is in all her glory!

I hope you enjoyed ready about my first Pieces of Grace endevor and that you will check back often as there is more to come...onto "The Bench"